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The team

Our stenographers are both graduates of the Grandjean Institut school (level II CNPC) and members of the French Association of Conference Stenographers (AFSC) and its board of directors.

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Our history

L'équipe: À propos

Created by Marc Grandjean in 1923, the stenography method makes it possible to capture speech in French at an unequaled speed.  At the time, the first usefulness was the speed of note taking in order to compensate for the impossibility of recording the debates. The transcription time was then very long, the stenographer retyping her notes.


Today, the need has evolved, stenotype being desired in order to obtain a well-written text as soon as possible, or even a live display of the statements made to integrate deaf and hard of hearing people into the debates.  

Belonging to a new generation of dynamic and motivated stenographers, we have decided to give a facelift to a century-old method and adapt it to the new technologies now available to an old profession.

We worked to rewrite the method by discriminating the typing so that it is no longer phonetic but also orthographic, which allows us to impose the choice of spelling on the transcription software.


After three years of rewriting, we arrived at a result allowing to remove all the homophones – plethora in the French language – thus obtaining an instantaneous output of the raw text of a great precision. Today, we offer you this expertise to provide the services you need.

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